About Us

Wildlife and nature inspired jewelry
For those who believe in power of nature and cannot be overlooked in the crowd

Est. 2014

Our Story

Elena Streckyte Jadello

I’ve always loved jewelry. 

Since early childhood, I have had a true femininity icon  – my Mom. She always adored jewelry and still does. I’ve always wished to have same jewelry collection as she, but I was told that “when you’ll grow up – I will share it with you”. This made little-me create my own jewelry at that time starting from shells, stones and beads.

I am extremely happy that after graduating my Object Design studies jewelry design bacame my professional career and integral part of my life.

I put lots of love in what I do and wish that each and everyone of you wearing SCULP Jewelry would feel happy and loved.*

*Including my Mom, who is proudly wearring it too. 🙂


SCULP Jewelry established in 2014 by designer Elena Streckyte Jadello.

All pieces are handcrafted from porcelain and combined with precious metals and gemstones. Because of this every single item is unique and filled with love, care and warmth.

What makes us exclusive?

    • uniqueness
    • attention to details
    • quality
    • precious metals
    • gemstones
    • recyclable packages (some from recycled materials)